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    I'm busy developing a questionnaire. Each questionnaire has its own unique id. The student select the course, complete a form and submit - I need to check if that specific student has allready done this course - this would mean that I need to check the database and then add if the combination(userName, usernSurname, questionId) is unique. Would I do this in a SQL statment or write a bit of VBScript code - please advise!!!

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    Table Design<BR><BR>[Users]<BR>UserId,UserName,etc...<BR><BR>[Questionaires]<BR>QuestionaireId,UserId,Answer1,etc...<BR><BR>Be cause the UserId is linked between the Questionaire and users, you can just do a query of Questionaires checking for their userId.<BR><BR>The short answer to your question is &#039;SQL Statement&#039;.<BR>

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