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    If I want to make a class, that have a connection to sql, and tha class have a sub that run a storeprocedure, how is that? <BR>I&#039;m newbie in oop. I&#039;ve tried this script, but it has an error. <BR><BR>Public Class Coba <BR> Private _NewsID as String <BR> Private _hari <BR> Private _ID as Integer <BR> Public Sub New(ID as Integer) <BR> Dim strConnect, strselect As String <BR> strConnect = "server=Denny;database=DBSiteXXX;" & _ <BR> "uid=ABC;pwd=" <BR>********************************************** *******************<BR> Dim objConnect As New SqlConnection(strConnect) <BR>&#039;THE CONNECTION IS IN HERE<BR>****************************************** ********************<BR> strSelect = "spVData" <BR> Dim objCommand As sqlCommand <BR> objCommand = New SqlCommand(strSelect, objConnect) <BR> objCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure <BR> Dim Parm As SQLParameter <BR> Parm = objCommand.Parameters.Add("@IDData",SqlDbType.Int) <BR> Parm.Value = ID <BR> Dim objDataImage As SqlDataReader <BR><BR>****************************************** **************** <BR>&#039;ERROR IN THIS LINE, IT SAID THAT <BR>&#039;"System.InvalidOperationException: ExecuteReader <BR>&#039;Requires an open and available Connection. <BR>&#039;The connection&#039;s current state is Closed." <BR>&#039;If I put this script outside the class, <BR>&#039;it worked. But I Need it in class for some reason. <BR>&#039;Please help me, Thank you. <BR><BR> objDataImage = objCommand.ExecuteReader() <BR>********************************************** ************* <BR><BR> If ObjDataImage.Read then <BR> _Hari = ObjDataImage("CreateDate") <BR> End If <BR> ObjDataImage.Close() <BR> End Sub <BR> <BR> Public Readonly Property Hari as sqlcommand <BR> Get <BR> Return _Hari <BR> End Get <BR> End Property <BR>End Class <BR><BR>Sub Page_Load(Source As Object, E As EventArgs) <BR> Dim ID, Hari <BR> ID = 7 <BR> Dim Kelas as New coba(ID) <BR> Hari = Kelas.Hari <BR> Response.Write(Hari) <BR>End Sub

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    You need to open the connection...<BR><BR>Dim objConnect As New SqlConnection(strConnect) <BR>objConnect.Open() &#039; &#060;= Add this line<BR>

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