problem in calling activex dll from asp iis5.0 win

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Thread: problem in calling activex dll from asp iis5.0 win

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    Default problem in calling activex dll from asp iis5.0 win

    Hi All,<BR><BR>I am facing this problem:<BR><BR>I have making a web-based SNMP Manager.The SNMP Manager functionality is in a C DLL.To access the functions in the C DLL I have written an ActiveX dll in VB6.0.My ASP script calls functions in the activeX dll and activeX dll inturn talks to the C dll.I have registered the activeX dll with the webserver.<BR><BR>My code runs fine on an winNT4 machine with IIS4.0.But when I try to run it on a Win2000 machine with IIS5.0 the functions standard C API used in the VB6.0 activeX dll returns with error.<BR>Can anyone tell me the solution to this problem? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Suhas.

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    Default This is just a guess...

    ...but perhaps you simply don&#039;t have the C-written DLL in a directory that is on the standard search path for DLLs? <BR><BR>One way to find out that *usually* (always? I&#039;m not sure) works is to bring up an MSDOS window and type PATH. If you see the directory where your DLL is in the PATH, then it *should* be found. If not, copy it into a directory on the PATH and/or modify the PATH (using the control panel).<BR><BR>

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