I am working on project where data from a customers internal database needs to be pushed out to their webserver, which is hosted out on the Internet somewhere. The way I had been planning to do this was via a SQL trigger, which would set off a call to a service running on the machine to update the web server data. <BR><BR>Now, in planning for this all to work, I didn&#039;t really know much about SQL triggers...so, I&#039;m pretty sure that there&#039;s a way for me to configure a trigger to fire on an update to a particular field in the table. If someone wants to list the syntax for me, great it&#039;s a time saver, but I can look that up. More importantly, does anyone have any info on the performance impact of something like this? Lets say...10k records, 250 events that would match the trigger daily, 2500 that wouldn&#039;t.<BR><BR>Last question, what kinds of things can I do from a SQL trigger? Ideally I&#039;d like to make a call to a running .NET service or execute a .NET module on the machine. Thanks for the time on this one.