I have the following problem:<BR><BR>I want to authenticate an user by using an HTTPModule. To accomplish this I have the follwing code:<BR><BR>class AuthUser : In this class I have defined two properties Username and Password (plus some other code that is not interesting for my problem).<BR><BR>Login.aspx : Here the user enters his credentials.<BR><BR>What I want to do is to set the AuthUser-properties and read them in my HTTPModule. My first idea was to create a global instance of de AuthUser-class in the Global.asax (Session_Start event) and set the properties. In the HTTPModule I want to use this properties of this instance. The following problems occur:<BR><BR>I cannot retrieve Sessionstate when I use the event AuthenticateRequest. So I created the event AcquireRequestState but this event is fired after the AuthenticateRequest. So I created a function that is called from the AcquireRequestState. The problem that occurs here is that when I set the properties in my codebehind of Login.aspx, first the HTTPModule will be executed and after that the properties will be set. So with the next request I retrieve the properties-values that were set on the Request before the last request. <BR><BR>It is all understandable that the process works this way but I don&#039;t know an other way to accomplish it.<BR><BR>Does anybody have another solution.<BR><BR>Thanx in advance