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    Hi again guys,<BR><BR>I have yet another thing for you to solve ;-)<BR><BR>I have got a database which records to amount of time clients are connected<BR>to a network for. Each time a client, regardless of who they are, connects<BR>to the network, a new record is made.<BR><BR>I am now trying to display that information, on an ASP page, according to<BR>each member&#039;s connections. I have done this for myself and I have a table<BR>with three connections. Each connection details the amount of time I was<BR>online for each connection.<BR><BR>For example:<BR><BR> Callsign Rating Logged Time<BR> NATVAT1 4 0:26:49<BR> NATVAT1 4 0:01:09<BR> NATVAT1 4 1:51:19<BR><BR><BR>I now want to add a Total Time Online at the bottom of this table. How do I<BR>get the ASP to add up each of the individual times online to produce a final<BR>Total Time Online?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot guys - hope you can help.<BR><BR>Adrian<BR><BR>

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    Default Crosspost answered in the Q&A forum <eop>

    See FAQ #110

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