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    Is there anyway with Netscape 6 to resize a frame within a frameset? For example, hiding the table of contents frame on the left in works in Internet Explorer, but not Netscape 6.<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to implement the same thing on my site. This works in IE, but not Netscape. Here&#039;s the code:<BR><BR>function toggleR() {<BR>if(parent.toc.cols != "200,*") { parent.toc.cols = "200,*"; }<BR>else { parent.toc.cols = "1,*"; }<BR>}<BR><BR>In the Netscape 6 JavaScript console I get "Error: parent.toc has no properties".<BR><BR>(I&#039;ve checked to make sure that it&#039;s not a problem with my naming, that is, to make sure that parent. is the right prefix, and it is. When I remove top or parent, I get "Error: toc is not defined".)<BR><BR>Is there anyway to make Netscape resize my frameset?<BR>Thanks,<BR>Chris

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    try parent.frames[&#039;toc&#039;]<BR><BR><BR>

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