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    what are the benefits of ASP?

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    The main benefits of ASP - Active Server Pages are that they are Dynamic as opposed to Static (standard .HTM or .HTML webpage). A static document never changes, you save the web page and then upload it and it stays the same until you manually update it, by modifying the original and re-uploading it. ASP pages can be programmed to be totally dynamic, page layout, content, design, and features can be determined based on a a number of criteria. <BR><BR>You can also connect ASP pages directly to databases, which is one of the main reasons they are used. Giving you more control over your users, content, and the ability to record data (statisctical - e.g. web pages hits, browser type etc).<BR><BR>I suggest you read up a bit more on ASP before you embark on anything, some good sites are:<BR><BR><BR> <BR><BR>Hope this makes sense.<BR><BR>James

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