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    Hi!<BR> If u have gone through this post befre then i am sorry! but i haven&#039;t got much help to proceed, so i am posting my problem once again! It was earlier posted on - 7/24/2002 3:26:22 AM<BR><BR><BR>I am working on a online examination project. <BR>Let me brief about it. <BR>There is a supervisor who selects a subject for a particular batch of students. Now when the batch(students) get to their page(after getting authorized) theres a link &#039;Questions&#039;, as they click on to this link one question comes after the other(one question can be attempted only once) & every student gets a &#039;unique&#039; question. <BR><BR>I have a table structure like <BR><BR> Tb1 <BR> ----- <BR> QuestId <BR> Subject <BR> Question <BR> Answer <BR><BR>Questions are stored randomly, so when the supervisor select subject as &#039;Math&#039; then all questions related to Math will come up in the recordset <BR><BR>Now the problem is <BR># How to allocate question(unique) to each student. <BR># if there is a batch of 4 students & no of questions in Tb1 related to &#039;Maths&#039; are 20 then each student should get 5 questions each. <BR># if there is a batch of 4 students & no of questions in Tb1 related to &#039;Maths&#039; are 18 then first 2 students(on a first come first serve basis)will get 5 questions & other 2 who have loggen in later will get 4 each. <BR><BR>Hope you got the problem. <BR><BR>Waiting for some suggestions. <BR><BR>Thanks for your valuable time & patience to go through this. <BR>

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    I would create an intermediate table between the students table and the BT1. In this table keep track of which questions have been answered by which student until 5 have been logged by a single student. Then they are done. Clear the contents of the table when all the questions have been answered.<BR><BR>Karl

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