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    I&#039;ve got XP now and I can&#039;t write to my databases. At home I use Access. Now that I&#039;m running XP and office 2002, I can&#039;t write to my databases.<BR><BR>All the folders and databases have write permissions in IIS and the directories themselves, and I&#039;ve unchecked the &#039;read-only&#039; box in the security box. I&#039;ve tried everything, but nothing&#039;s worked. I just get a &#039;read-only&#039; error whenever I try and write to the database.<BR><BR>I posted this last week, but nothing&#039;s worked. If anyone knows anything about this please help. Just point me in the right direction, or another Db to use or anything. I can&#039;t do anything from home like this.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    I&#039;ve seen something similar when one of our developers made his DB under one XP account and then tried to access it from another.<BR><BR>Either login using the same account that the DB was made under, or make sure that you&#039;re logged into XP as a fully fledged administrator. imho

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