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    I have created a fairly basic phonebook app using Dreamweaver MX connected to an Access 2000 (2002) database for an NT intranet. I capture and store the user&#039;s NT ID as a session variable when the initial page loads, and there is a button on that page that allows the user to update his/her own record only. <BR><BR>I did this by making the button load an update detail record using the session variable value of the current user to return that user&#039;s entire record as the defaults of all of the form fields of the update page. This works great -- almost.<BR><BR>We have found that although the updates do make it to the database when the form is submitted, if the user returns to the update page, the original values are still the defaults for the form fields. Further tests reveal that hitting the browser refresh button brings the defaults back into synchronization with the current database values. <BR><BR>Conclusion: There is some unwanted caching going on.<BR>Confusion: How do I programatically prevent this caching? <BR><BR>PS My browser (we are all in IE5) is set not to cache web pages.<BR><BR>Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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