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    Can anyone show me how I would redim an array of arrays and redim the arrays within the array of arrays?<BR><BR>here is the situation:<BR>get path of file<BR><BR>path array - break apart the path at each "\" and put each piece into array<BR> <BR>array of arrays - one array for each value inside the path array<BR><BR>child array - each array inside array of arrays<BR><BR>i am then searching a database and each time I find a value that is in the path array I need to redim the correct child array and add more info.

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    Default Probably not a good idea

    doing it that way.<BR><BR>Just make &#039;em extra big the first time. It&#039;ll speed up your execution time.<BR><BR>And remember... you can&#039;t redim preserve all dimensions of an arrays...

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    Default Will a multidimension array work? <eop>


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