Greetings all,<BR>I&#039m a beginner with ASP (coming at this from being a Java developer) so please excuse if this is a stupid question *grin*<BR><BR>Basically, I need to know how to cause the browser to open a new window with a different page.<BR><BR>I have a select box with a list of reports in it, and a button labeled&#039go&#039 next to it. These are both in a form, and when the user presses the button, the following code is run:<BR><BR>If Request("rpt1But") = "Go" and Len(Request("rpt1")) &#062; 0 Then<BR> Response.Redirect(baseUrl & "report.pdf")<BR>End if<BR><BR><BR>The problem is, this just redirects the browser to the PDF file in the same window. I need it to open a NEW browser window with the PDF file. SO ... PLEASE, how can I do this? :)<BR><BR>Additionally, just in case anybody knows, there is an issue with IE 5.01 and NT 4.0 where a PDF file may not be displayed correctly if the display is the result of a browser redirect. Response.Redirect certainly counts as a browser redirect ... is there any way to accomplish this that would not count as a redirect?<BR><BR>Thank you for your time.<BR><BR>-Ian Thomas