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Thread: <INPUT> button's events do not work

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    Default <INPUT> button's events do not work

    I have an &#060;INPUT type="button"&#062; with an onClick event that calls a simple script that for debugging purposes just does an alert(). It works fine in IE4+ and NetScape 6. In NetScape 4, the onClick doesn&#039;t fire.. in fact, NO event on that button fires off. Any idea why this would happen? I made a new html page from scratch and put a button down w/ an onClick and it worked just fine. There&#039;s something about this page that causes it to not work. Any ideas??<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default RE: <INPUT> button's events do not

    can we see the code for the broken page?

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    Default Check your other javascript code

    I&#039;ve used buttons many times and never had any problems with that.<BR><BR>However, it is possible that a javascript error on the page stops the javascript interpreter.<BR><BR>Do you have any javascript running before ?<BR><BR>any onload event or anything?<BR>What is the alert trying to display?? Is it something that can NS can understand?? (in other words, are you displaying an IE-only feature....like document.all ?)<BR><BR>Since we can&#039;t see your code, here&#039;s the proper syntax for a button.<BR><BR>&#060;input type="button" name="SomeButton" value="SomeText" onclick="someFunction()"&#062;<BR><BR>I hope this helps a little.<BR><BR>Stephane Dorion

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