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    I have a checkbox on a form. I want to know if the box has been ticked or not. If it has I want to store this in a cookie after processing. Then when someone goes back to that page it reads in the cookie and recognises that the tick box was previously checked and checks it.<BR><BR>I have this at the moment but I know it does not work fully can anyone suggest anything?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jamie<BR><BR>:<BR>&#03 9;Check for the cookie and Read the cookie in:<BR>SaveDetails = Request.Cookies("ALP")("sSaveDetails")<BR><BR>&#06 0;input type="checkbox" name="SaveDetail" value="Yes" &#060;% If SaveDetails = "Yes" then %&#062;checked &#060;% End If %&#062;&#062;<BR><BR>SENT TO THE PROCESS FORM...<BR>&#039;If the box was ticked do save the details<BR>If SaveDetail &#060;&#062; "Yes" then<BR>Response.Cookies("ALP")("SaveDetails") = "Yes"<BR>End If

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    If request.form("SaveDetail") = "Yes" then<BR>Response.Cookies("ALP")("SaveDetails") = "Yes"<BR>End If

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