I need to process file uploaded from Web using OLE container.<BR><BR>I thought of taking the approach of creating an ActiveX dll and calling it from the ASP page.<BR><BR>The dll works fine from VB IDE environment.<BR><BR>However when called from ASP page - it returns "Unexpected Error".<BR><BR>Following is the partial function which returns the error - the last line in the function is the place from where error is returned.<BR><BR>frmContainer is the form which contains OLE Container(oleFile) object.<BR><BR>Function mergeOLE(ByVal strFile As String, ByVal iIncidentID As Integer, ByVal imageDescr As String) As String<BR>On Error GoTo hError<BR><BR> &#039;––&#124Check for existence of the File<BR> If checkfile(strFile) Then<BR> frmContainer.Visible = False<BR> Dim FileNum As Integer<BR> FileNum = FreeFile<BR> <BR> Dim debugFlag As String<BR> <BR> debugFlag = "21"<BR> frmContainer.oleFile.CreateEmbed strFile<BR><BR><BR>My question is:<BR><BR>Is it allowed from an ASP page to invoke a dll, which invokes a form or a form with OLE container?<BR><BR>If yes, does the dll need to be built in a specific way?<BR><BR>If no, is there a work around to the issue?<BR><BR>- Paresh.