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    Table Place <BR>ID sName <BR>1 USA <BR>2 JAPAN <BR> <BR>Table Currency<BR>ID sCurrency<BR>1 US<BR>2 JPN<BR><BR>Table Travel<BR>iFrom iTo iCurrency mValue<BR> 2 1 1 1000<BR><BR>what will be the SQL statement when i execute table Travel<BR>it will return<BR><BR>JAPAN USA US 1000<BR><BR>so when it pass to asp it returns<BR><BR>From [JAPAN] To [USA] TICKET PRICE [US] $ [1000]

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    SELECT F.sName, T.sName, C.sCurrency, T.mValue<BR>FROM Travel T <BR>INNER JOIN Place F ON t.iFrom = F.ID<BR>INNER JOIN Place T ON t.iTo = T.ID<BR>INNER JOIN Currency C ON C.ID = T.iCurrency<BR><BR>

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