Passing variables into a Flash movie via the query

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Thread: Passing variables into a Flash movie via the query

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    Default Passing variables into a Flash movie via the query

    Hi,<BR><BR>Apologies if the advanced ASP is the wrong place for this but there is no dedicated Flash & ASP board so I thought this was the best place.<BR><BR>Here is my situation:<BR><BR>I have created a game, using Flash, which when completed sends the score you got via e-mail to a friend (who&#039;s e-mail address you specified at the start of the game), challenging them to beat your score. I have done this using ASP with CDonts and it works fine.<BR><BR>Included within this e-mail is a link for them to click on to return to the game. This link contains the querystring information for the score you got, and your e-mail address.<BR><BR>My question is, how do I get these variables into Flash? I know how to get some fixed variables from another, seperate ASP file into Flash, but I need to pass these variables present in the querystring for the page in which the Flash movie is embedded.<BR><BR>Anyone who knows the Actionscript / ASP I need ?<BR><BR>Any help would be very much appreciated.<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Ian

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    Default Try ...

    Searching on Google for "asp flash querystring", and see if the first article helps at all.

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