If one is running a web application that uses IIS/ASP/COM and IIS and COM are sitting on the same server, is it better to configure your COM+ Applications as library or server applications? The only benefits I see for server applications are remoting, security and fault isolation. Since IIS and COM are running on the same server- remoting seems like a non factor. As for security, I have some concerns about security since library applications would run as the same user as IIS. As for fault isolation, we're running IIS in a medium pooled mode. In addition, all of our COM objects are written in VB and don't interface with Win32 APIs. So, I'm somewhat certain our objects will not crash a process (i cross my fingers when i say that). However, my biggest concern is scalability and performance. From tests we've done library applications scale and perform better than server applications. Saying all that, I would configure my dlls in COM+ library applications. Can anyone out there tell me if I'm missing something about server applications? Or is there a configuration that I'm missing? I know you can use just dlls and not use COM+ however, we do need COM+ to support our transactions. Any help is much appreciated.