Upload -browse button doesnt work

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Thread: Upload -browse button doesnt work

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    Default Upload -browse button doesnt work

    i use <input type=file> control to upload a file, works fine in IE 5.0 but doesnt work in IE5.5.Expecting ur solutions

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    1. cross posting is not cool<BR>2. there&#039;s a lack of information here. it seems you&#039;re describing a client-side problem, meaning it has jack to do with components, but since it&#039;s so vague we can&#039;t tell.<BR>3. not a known problem, perhaps you&#039;ve done something weird? can&#039;t tell from here, since you&#039;ve included virtually nothing to go on.<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.readthe****ingmanual.co.uk/

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