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    Hi!I would like to do the validation control in uploading file.<BR>How do I ensure the user only need to upload at least 1 file<BR>before proceed?<BR><BR>&#060;asp:requiredfieldvalidator id="valFile" runat="server" display="dynamic" initialValue="" errorMessage="Please Upload File!" controlToValidate="fileAttachment"&#062;*&#060;/asp:requiredfieldvalidator&#062;<BR>Thanks!

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    You would need to use the CustomValidator instead. Then you would need to write your custom code for its ServerValidate event.<BR><BR> verValidateTopic.asp<BR><BR>The msdn docs have a good example. In your ServerValidate code, you would probably check Request.Files.Count to see that its &#062;1. If it is, set the validator as valid, else set it to invalid.

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