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    Default passing data between asp pages

    People can register instruments for sale. <BR><BR>On page 1 they enter their basic details (name, address, username, password etc). <BR>on page 2 these details are loaded into the database. <BR>page 2 then passes the username and password details onto page 3 where they can add/edit/delete instruments, <BR><BR>it does this via a response.redirect at the bottom of the page, once it&#039;s loaded the data into the database:<BR><BR>response.redirect ("i3.asp?username="&username&"&password="&password &"")<BR><BR>but the problem with this is that on the add/edit/delete page the URL is something like:<BR><BR>i3.asp?username=slorp&password=idiot< BR><BR>so that will show up in the browser history and allow anyone else to go in and edit the same record.<BR><BR>how could I transfer the info more securely? Is there any way I could load the username/pwd data into hidden fields and then automatically submit a form using POST method so the variables don&#039;t show up in the response page?<BR><BR>thank you

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    Default slorp and idiot, huh

    think about <BR><BR>a)session variables<BR>b)cookies<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: passing data between asp pages

    There&#039;s also an article in 4guys somewhere about encrypting the querystring. I used it for a year before reverting to GUID based cookies ... it&#039;s worth considering.

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