I am using .Net Remoting using Tcp Channel.<BR>For my object(class name is middleclass) I am<BR>implementing a Interface called MyInterface<BR><BR>example<BR>class middleclass: MarshalByRefObject , MyInterface<BR><BR>In my client file(client.cs) I have the following code<BR>for remoting<BR><BR>ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(ne w TcpChannel());<BR><BR>MyInterface gface = (MyInterface)Activator.GetObject(typeof(MyInterfac e),"tcp://localhost:9988/Soff");<BR><BR>Now instead of writing the above remoting channel code in my<BR>client.cs I want to place it in a configuration file.<BR>I have seen some examples of client configuration files<BR>but here I am using a interface so I am facing some difficulties.<BR>Can you please show me how will the above code come in my<BR>client.exe.config file and also what will I have to write in my<BR>client.cs to reference that config file.<BR>Just let you know that in my client.cs I am calling the method from class middleclass like<BR>string s=gface.GetSum();<BR>where GetSum is a method in middleclass implemented from MyInterface.<BR>Thanks