My code is below:<BR>----------------------------------------<BR>Set objXMLDOM = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")<BR>strFile = "file.txt"<BR>strXMLFile = Server.MapPath(strFile)<BR>objXMLDOM.Load (strXMLFile)<BR>objXMLDOM.async = false<BR>For Each objChild In objXMLDOM.documentElement.childNodes <BR> Response.write objChild.NodeName & " - " <BR> Response.write objChild.Text & " - " <BR>Next <BR>-----------------------------------------<BR>Below is the error message I get when I execute my code.<BR>-----------------------------------------------<BR>Object required: &#039;objXMLDOM.documentElement&#039;<BR>----------------------------------------------<BR>What am I missing here. I look through some examples on different websites and I have exactly the same way as shown in the examples. I checked that I have MSXML downloaded on my machine and I have msxml3.dll registered. May be something else I need to download. Please help. Thanks.<BR>