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    I am using a recordset object and calling the addnew method to put in a new record (SQL Server).<BR>I have a problem with one field which is supposed to autonumber;<BR>(NewCand is my recordset object)<BR>NewCand("CandidateID") = ??AutoNumber??<BR>NewCand("Title") = Request.Form("dTitle")<BR>NewCand("FirstName") = Request.Form("tFirstName")<BR>How do I proceed?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    If it is Autonumber than I dont think you can call<BR><BR>NewCand("CandidateID") = ??AutoNumber??<BR><BR>Just remove this line of code. The addNew command will automatically increment the Autonumber field and add what it thinks the next number is

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