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Thread: opener.location.reload(true);

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    Default opener.location.reload(true);

    I am using Frames in my page. I have a popup in Frame2 that runs this code: opener.location.reload(true);. The problem is, if I run this page in testing outside of the frames, it works fine. But in the frames, I get Microsofts popup warning that says press OK to resubmit the data. Is there a way I can get this to run the same in frames as out?

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    Default Fake a reload.. ??

    I&#039;m not 100% sure this will work right the first time but the idea is to submit frame to itself so that it "reloads" with the same data it originally had.<BR><BR><BR>function fakeReload() {<BR> opener.document.forms[0].target =<BR> opener.document.forms[0].action = opener.href //Set the page to submit to itself<BR> opener.document.forms[0].reset() //make sure the page gets submitted with the same data it received<BR> opener.document.forms[0].submit()<BR>}<BR><BR>I hope this helps a little.<BR><BR>Stephane Dorion

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