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    I have a question about URL attributes, ill get right into the example and try to explain whats going on.<BR><BR>on a page i have a next and previous buttons which allow the user to go back and forth to see images. a user can click on one of these images to get the bigger version as well as its info. here is where my problem begins.<BR><BR>LEts say you go to one of these pages and u do the following:<BR>1) you click on the next button to see more images and the url now says <BR>http://www.paceprints.com/newsite/artistportfolio/artistportfolio.asp?author=James+Brown&offset=8 <BR>there are 2 attribues: author and offset<BR>2) you click on one of the images to get more info and your url now says <BR>http://www.paceprints.com/newsite/artistportfolio/artistportfolio.asp?author=James%20Brown&UID=1028 <BR>now we hae 2 attribues: author, UID..offset is gone since its not part of the link the image uses.<BR>3) now you click the next button one more time and the url now says <BR>http://www.paceprints.com/newsite/artistportfolio/artistportfolio.asp?author=James+Brown&UID=1028&of fset=8 <BR>we see 3 atribues: author, UID, and offset<BR><BR>you see when we did step 2..offset which was placed into the url at step 1 has disapeared..but when we did step 3 the UID from step 2 did not disapear.. Why? <BR><BR>Thank you

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    Well.. Whats does the ASP code look like for the nxt button for step 3? Obviously its putting the offset there by code.. it just doesnt appear there...

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    Default it looks like...

    that is how you coded it... Check your code to see if you took out the UID in the 3rd link!!

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