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    I&#039;m at me wits end. My app is passed a param of a file which can be any type (jpg, pdf etc.) Its also passed the name the file will be location and name when it arrives at its destination. The app takes the file name looks for it and then needs to convert it toa binary file and put it into a byte array. How do I do this, I&#039;ve tried many ways and failed miserabley each time.<BR><BR>I then use winsock to send it to another server. This prog must get the byte array containing the binary file and write it to the location given earlier with the name. This is also driving me mad. Shall I give up or does nayone know what to do!!<BR><BR>

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    Default not sure.....

    ...I understand your question fully but try searching microsoft for help on forcing downloads from browsers. There&#039;s an explanation there about creating a binary stream which might help. I&#039;ll see if I can dig out the code for it.<BR>Dom

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