Here is the code:<BR><BR> aspupload.files("txt_filename").saveas(livefiles & replace(filename,"/","\"))<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> newfilename = livefiles & replace(filename,"/","\")<BR> newfilename = replace(newfilename,"\","\")<BR> &#039;newfilename = replace(newfilename,"\","\")<BR> Response.Write(newfilename & "<BR>")<BR> &#039;Resize the photo<BR> Set Image = server.CreateObject("simageutil.image")<BR> image.PhysicalPath = true<BR> image.openimagefile(newfile)<BR> <BR> If image.width &#062; 180 then<BR> image.changesize 180,222<BR> image.savejpgfile newfile,100 <BR> End if<BR> <BR> set image = nothing<BR> <BR>Here is the output:<BR>z:lahimages36816593959AM.jpg<BR>&#060; Image format not understood, Image File Open failed&#062;<BR>&#060;Image not loaded&#062;<BR><BR>Any ideas? Its a regular old jpeg file, could it be because the ASPUpload process is not complete yet? Any ideas on how to fix?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>-- Whol