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    Dave2000 Guest

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    I&#039m having a problem sending online form results via email using CDONTS. Sometimes the emails come through and sometimes they don&#039t. I have sent myself an email from another address without a problem so it seems as if they aren&#039t getting stuck in the que. Is there something else that I should be looking for? Thanks.

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    David Mann Guest

    Default Some suggestions to help....

    Okay, I use CDONTS a lot, and I&#039m happy with it, but there is some form validation that you&#039ll need to go along with it. <BR><BR>The three MOST IMPORTANT fields that must exist for CDONTS to work correctly are:<BR><BR>1. To<BR>2. Subject<BR>3. From<BR><BR>Make SURE that these three exist, or CDONTS will most likely crap out on you. If this is being done, then perhaps you are handling certain properties wrong. CDONTS is BIG, and there are many things you can do with it that make it both very useful, but also make it a bit bloated. Check the way you handle dates, for example, or the way that your users input certain types of information. <BR><BR>Other than that, I would have to see your code to figure out what is wrong. We use CDONTS a lot here, and I rarely see it not send email, so I can tell you from experience that it&#039s a great package of mail functionality. <BR><BR>Good luck, and let me know if there&#039s anything I&#039ve missed...<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR> --David

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    I am also having the same problem with CDONTS. It&#039s my opinion that it is server or component related, not ASP code related. The fields are filled out fine. Several months ago, I began having problems. <BR><BR>Here&#039s the situation:<BR><BR>The user would fill out a form to send an e-card including To:, From:, Message: and then that info was recorded to a database and then a message was sent informing the To: person that they had an e-card waiting for them. So the data was recorded and no error came up when the message was sent, but the emails never arrived. I complained to my HOST asking them to look into what might be the problem with CDONTS. They were no help... barely even knew what it was.<BR><BR>SO, within a week or so, it just started working again. I actually got some of the emails from weeks before. As if they had be queued all that time. No explanation or nothing. <BR><BR>It had been working flawlessly until yesterday. Same thing started happening. No errors when sending the data to the database and no errors when the message goes through its online sending process. BUT the emails never arrive.<BR><BR>Is anyone aware of any way to pinpoint the problem on a server that you have no control over (since it&#039s a Hosting Company) OR do you know of what might be wrong in order to convey that to the hosting company so they know how to resolve the problem (since they don&#039t seem to know anything)?<BR><BR>I&#039ve heard that CDONTS has great capabilities, but that it can be sluggish. But there HAS to be a reason why it just stops working. I&#039ve asked my hosting company to install at least one of the other email components but they refused. And yes, I&#039m planning on switching to a more NT-based hosting company, but I&#039m looking for a quick fix for the time being.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help you guys can give!<BR><BR>Stacey

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