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    Thanks to Bill last night for his musing regarding setting partial cookies ... but here&#039;s another question:<BR><BR> and are *not* treated as being the same domain for cookie purposes. Even if I set the domain inside the cookie, obviously someone may or may not visit the &#039;www&#039; or non- &#039;www&#039; version.<BR><BR>Right now I&#039;m trying to ensure that all links within the site are &#039;http://www.xxxxxx&#039; and therefore I circumnavigate the issue, but is it possible to have a cookie set on www.xxxxxxx be read from the non-&#039;www&#039; version of the page???

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    idea:<BR>at the top of your asp pages, look to see if the URL includes www.<BR>if not, redirect.<BR><BR>then, when you&#039;ll be setting cookies, you&#039;ll be okay.<BR>

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