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    how can i delete the entries in the sql transaction log file.In other words how can i reduce the sql transaction log file in sql 2000.<BR><BR>thx,<BR>sachin

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    Truncating the transaction log:<BR><BR>BACKUP LOG { database_name &#124 @database_name_var } <BR>{ <BR> [ WITH <BR> { NO_LOG &#124 TRUNCATE_ONLY } ] <BR>}<BR><BR><BR>ie<BR><BR>BACKUP LOG MYDATABASE<BR>WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY<BR><BR><BR>THEN :-<BR><BR>in the transaction log tab of the properties of the database<BR>with sql enterprise manager, restrict the file growth of the transaction log.<BR><BR>jon<BR>

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    Default Quick Fix

    There&#039;s a quick fix for this in MSSQL7 at least (pretty sure it would work in 2000). Just detach the database, delete the log file and then reattach the database. You&#039;re gonna lode the whole log but if you&#039;ve run out of disk space you&#039;re not going to be able to truncate the log anyway (as that would make an entry in the log). Have a look at sp_detach_db and sp_attach_db if you want to know more.<BR>Cheers<BR>Dom

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