Hello there<BR><BR>My name is Lonny Potecho, I&#039;ve been on the net for many years working on different projects, and at the moment working on sites like: http://www.FindSP.com<BR><BR>Recently I&#039;ve developed a HelpDesk system which seems to me far more advanced than anything I&#039;ve seen on the market so far for small-medium size businesses. The plan is 90% ready and it&#039;s very easy to understand - I&#039;ve written everything that will be included in the helpdesk including fields, database structure - everything you may need. Now what I&#039;m looking for is a partner to develop it in PHP and someone to develop it in ASP and keep working with me on extra features support etc.<BR><BR>Now if you will look at FindSP.com you&#039;ll see that it could be used as an excellent promotion tool, I will handle all sales and marketing, and the person who will be working with me on programming will receive % from every sale - which is quite a lot since after the main coding is done you could just leave it as it is - until some support requests or feature ideas.<BR><BR>Please note, I&#039;m looking only for very experienced programmers, this is a serious project and not some learning experience.... So if you think you got the skills and enthusiasm please contact me:<BR><BR><BR>ICQ: 14305771<BR>Email: lonny@findsp.com<BR><BR>Please note: there is no investment required from your side - the doman, site hosting and marketing will be covered by me - all you have to do is code - and get % from every sale - but the coding better be not less than GREAT!