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    Zola Guest

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    I need some info on the syntax for setting up cookies in Netscape. When I learned to write cookies, I thought the code was the same, but apparently it is not. Furthermore, Netscape is displaying some of my ASP coding, which makes no sense to me at all! I usually just enclose my code with &#060;% and &#037;&#062;, do I have to specify that I am using script so the idiot browser will display properly? Do I need to use the &#060;--!> &#060;--> tag? This doesn&#039t happen with any of the IE browsers.....<BR>The coding is too long to post here, but I can send it to you via e-mail if you wish to see it.<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>Zola

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    an IE lover Guest

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    one thing - f it!

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    Zola Guest

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    Oh, I hate all browsers equally, it&#039s just that IE does more, which makes it easier to cope with.<BR><BR>I have discovered the problem. An "on the fly" page is generated using the bulletin board cgi script. The problem is that Netscape is DISPLAYING the page instead of running the code THEN displaying the page. I don&#039t know how to get around it but I am sure I will think of something. If anyone has any ideas which DO NOT involve favoring one browser over another, I would love to hear them.

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    mail me ur code at <BR>

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