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    Need to use SQL 7.0 Enterprise Manager to transfer 1.5 GB table with over 26 million rows to new DB. Have 6 GB space available on the drive with both data (mdb) and log (ldf) files. My log file is taking up so much space, that we will exceed 6GB (data and log...but mostly log) during the transfer. Can I perform an export without writing to the LDF and then essentially turn it on once we are live? Thanks in advance!

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    Bulk copy seems to be what you are looking for and I believe it automatically switches off transaction log for the process. Down side is you need to be in single user mode. Have a look at BOL.

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    Default One way to load the data pretty quickly

    would be to use the bcp utility to export your data then import it back in with the no log option on. Also, make sure your new table does not have any indexes on it for the import.<BR><BR>Now you may also be able to do same thing with DTS and I&#039;m probably showing my age here ; ) However, I like command line utilities(i.e. - bcp, Oracle imp/exp) because I&#039;ve found they tend to be faster when dealing with large amounts of data (and more reliable than some of the GUI tools).<BR><BR>Just my two cents<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete

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