Hello & Greetings.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s a small program I am trying to work on but can use some help /<BR>guidance.<BR><BR>1. I am using Win 2000 / IIS 5, FP2000, Access 2000<BR>2. I am using frame sets.<BR><BR>The following is what I would like to do and request your help [I tried some<BR>variations that are working but this seems a little more than what I know ... at this time!!! Sorta like the pieces seem are working but not the whole!!!] Basically, this is a DB of Students in a Photograaphy Class ... In the Menu, will be displayed the names of all students. By defalt, the Right hand side Top section will show all photographs taken by this student. Also, By Default, in the Bottom Section, the details of the First photograph of this first student details are displayed. <BR><BR>3. On the left hand side [menu], I want a single column from an Access<BR>Database table to be populated [say, Access. MyDB.Students]<BR>4. On the Right hand side, which is divided into Top and Bottom sections,<BR>here&#039;s what it should do.<BR>5. Say, by default, the photographs taken by this student will be displayed.<BR>6. In the bottom part, (the Details Section), when the user selects the name<BR>of the student, it will show the details of the first photograph. If the user<BR>selects a different photograph for tis student, it will display the corresponding info the bottom sectuion. On the other hand, if the User selcts a different student, it will refresh the TOP section with Photographs of this student and so on.<BR><BR>As for Navigation: As the use selects a different Student from the Menu, the Top and Bottom sections on the Right hand side should apprpriately change and display the relevant info.<BR><BR>All pieces of info are from an Access DB, and is READ-ONLY.<BR><BR>Any suggestions / samples / links will be most sincerely appreciated.<BR><BR>I hope the above is quite clear and thanks again very much,<BR><BR>kishan<BR>