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    All,<BR><BR>What is Microsoft&#039;s or the "Standard" naming conventions for SQL Server(tables, procs, triggers, etc)? I would like to have a standard for when I develop and the people that work with me.<BR><BR>Any links?<BR><BR>Chopps

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    Default Is there one???

    I find that it changes from organization to organization. Some want Table name appended with "_TBL" and views with "_VW", while others want prefixes, while others don&#039;t want prefixes on tables, by appendages on views.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve seen columns named as "MyColumn" and others as "my_column".<BR><BR>All I know is that people should sitck with one convention and run with it.

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    Default RE: Is there one???

    I don&#039;t think there is one for most languages. It&#039;s just personal preference of whoever is writing it. The idea of a naming convention is that whichever one you pick (myColumn, my_column, MyColumn) that you use that in ALL of your code.

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