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    I have a page where a user can submit his information.<BR>After he pushes the Add button a new row is created in the database.<BR>If a user presses the back button, the information is still there and he can add the same information again.<BR>I want to prevent that.<BR>I have tried in the Add method: Response.Expires = -1;<BR>But the information is still there.<BR>What do I have to do?

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    i had that problem with the refresh browser function. if someone posts something an he refreshs the page the data is insert again. you can prevent that by redirecting the user to an new page or the same page. so the foem data is lost except you pass it through the url. use post not get.<BR>or if you have a field that is unique then check it before the data is insert into the db f.e.an email address.<BR><BR>alex

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