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    Default Dynamic CSS files.

    I think I have answered my own question, but I want to double check on this.<BR><BR>Question: Is it possible to populate a CSS file (default.css) from options in a database table? <BR><BR>I don&#039;t think this would work (haven&#039;t found a way to make it work), because the CSS file does not have an .ASP extension and is not processed on the server.<BR><BR>Or, would it be easier to create an include file (incCSS.asp, populated from the table) and place this at the top of every page?<BR><BR>Thanks for the opinions.<BR>

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    Default Well, CSS includes...

    ...are done on the *client* side, only when the HTML is sent to the browser.<BR><BR>So I don&#039;t see why you couldn&#039;t have a dozen (or a hundred or whatever) CSS files sitting on your server. Then you let the ASP code pick the appropriate one and Response.Write the HTML code to pick up that one.<BR><BR>You *could* create a custom file and include that one, but that&#039;s getting to be a bunch of overhead.<BR><BR>

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