I have a situation where I am posting a large chuck of data to an ASP component/page. The data ALWAYS makes it to the component for processing, and it is ALWAYS processed with a response.write being hit to output the resulting HTML. <BR><BR>However, here&#039;s the strange part: For some reason I am randomly getting an "Unable to connect with remote host (425)" error when I attempt to make the post. Even stranger, the ASP component succesfully receives the entire query string and it is processed from within the component without a single failure. There&#039;s some database stuff, XML transformations, and finally, a response.write of the resulting HTML.<BR><BR>I am using the exact same test data each time, so that&#039;s under control.<BR><BR>I have been banging my head against the wall with this one. Have you heard of anything like this behavior???<BR>