I have a session object which against Microsoft&#039;s advice contains an object from a VB DLL. It works fine on all machines except one. On that particular machine, after about two days of use, users start getting this error (from the log):<BR><BR>2002-06-25 19:31:17 CORPvander W3SVC4 OKW2WB01 80<BR>GET /webafe/Default.asp &#124 10&#124 800a1391&#124&#039;gaobjWebDBEngine&#039;_is_undef ined 500 0 0<BR>339 15 HTTP/1.1 home.customer<BR>Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+5.5;+Windows+NT+5.0;+H010818 )<BR>SEL34=%3CData%3E%3C/Data%3E;+TR34=544&#124 1;+AFEApproval=UserID=34;+ASPSESSIONID<BR>QGQGGBNQ =GPDNDBGAHPLLBOLOGLGFNDCB -<BR><BR>The error persists until the unload button is hit on the applications properties or IIS is restarted. <BR><BR>Because the DLL is apartment threaded, the IIS thread that brings up that session becomes tied to that object instance from the DLL. Our customer is telling us that the DLL is registered as a COM+ object on that server, but when I looked at COM+ on that server (or any other server running the product) I didn&#039;t see the DLL under COM+. The DLL is not written to be a COM+ component. The DLL passes all of the tests that Microsoft gives you when you open a VB DLL incident (retained in memory, unattended execution). We opened a previous support incident because of a crash against an Oracle server, but this is a SQL Server client.<BR><BR>The problem happened one other time on another Windows 2000 Server, but when the server was examined, everything looked okay.<BR><BR>The object is loaded from global.asa in an object tag.<BR><BR>Has anyone come across this problem? If so, what is the solution. For now, we&#039;re waiting for the server to crash (it does every other day). I&#039;ve sent them instructions from Microsoft on getting a memory dump of a running IIS that is hung, and we&#039;re going to open a support incident once it crashes again.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Henry Lafleur<BR>