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    This issue is a little wierd. I have an line of code that puts a break where there is a carrage return. <BR>&#060;%Response.write Replace(ResultsDetailed("DetailedDescription"), vbCrLf, "<BR>") %&#062;<BR>I want to this in again for another cloumn returned by the recordset. THe column is "ShortDescription". THerefore, it would look like:<BR> &#060;%Response.write Replace(ResultsDetailed("ShortDescription"), vbCrLf, "<BR>") %&#062;<BR><BR>I always get the error "Replace cannot be null". But it is not. There are carrage returns in each entry for the short description. I am not sure why this is. Any ideas would be awesome.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Curtis

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    Default try this

    Response.write Replace(ResultsDetailed("ShortDescription") & " ", ....)<BR><BR><BR>

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