I just created a new database in SQL Server 7. I am trying to import the tables and data from an Access 97 database. I am using the default DSN to the Access database to do this. The database has a login and password, but when I try to use it on one of the first screens using the import wizard, I get an error. If I leave the login and password fields blacnk, I can get much further. Anyway, the error that is bugging me comes on te "Select Source Tables" screen. I select all the tables and when I click "Next" I get the following error.<BR><BR>Records cannot be read; no read permissions on &#039;AcctDept.&#039;<BR>Context: Error calling OpenRowset on the provider.<BR><BR>AcctDept is the first table in the Access database. This looks like a problem with the DSN, but I am not sure. Any suggestions/ideas?<BR><BR>BTW, I realize this is the ASP message board, but I have had little to no success in the past using the database board.<BR><BR>Thanks!