The current project I have been working on involves creating a secure site for clients (subcontractors in this case) to submit various payroll information. I have succeeded in creating a login with different clearance levels (using access database password route;dsn-less) and an administrative log to edit the passwords I will assign. This is where my dilemma begins. Each of the 50 something clients are to submit payroll info, and each client has about 30+ employees. The fields per employee are rather simple (hours, pay, sex...etc.) but I am wondering:<BR><BR>1) What would any of you suggest as an efficient way of handling many clients with so many (though not a set number) of employee (payroll) inputs. - I am wondering if there is somehow to incorporate excel (though I hear that it is inefficient) considering everyone will have the same fields but varied numbers of inputs.<BR><BR>2) Each client must have their own records (weekly basis) which of course means their own database but is there a way to submit to these different databases without creating 50 different data entry pages for their password accounts to link to. <BR><BR>To sum up: a)What should I use as a data entry template for this record entry page(can excel work, is there something else) considering there is not a set amount of inputs and it varies from client to client. b)Is there a way to write some sort of inc. file that can route these different accounts to their individual databases.<BR>