Okay, I fully realize that it&#039;s a beautiful summer Sunday afternoon and most everyone is away from the computer (as it should be). However, I was sitting around babysitting today working on a special ASP project. Here&#039;s my question/problem;<BR><BR>I want to count the number of "active" logged-on members on the site and post that number on the home page. I understand how to work with the global.asa file and count the number of sessions and post that value. I understand the process of counting the sessions in an Application variable and the locking and unlocking process. But for the life of me I cannot seem to mentally hook-up with the logical approach to counting the number of logged-on sessions. Of course, a site visitor that is logged-on through an authentication system can merely leave and never logoff. So, I would think the solution to this would be in a session variable similar to counting "general" sessions. Or am I way off base?<BR><BR>Signed,<BR>Someone that obviously needs to get a life if they are sitting around thinking about this sort of thing on a beautiful Sunday afternoon...<BR>