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Thread: Creating an MS Word document from ASP

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    Default Creating an MS Word document from ASP

    Has anyone the code for creating a Word document from the ASP server.<BR><BR>My user will be entering data via an ASP form, which will be stored in an Access DB. I want to use the data from this new record inside a formated Word document with merge fields, then save this in a folder on the server as a *.doc file incorporating the user reference number.<BR><BR>Once done the user is redirected to this document.<BR><BR>Net result is User enters data, hits submit - data is stored and User gets returned a Word document which may then be edited / modified and saved locally.<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance.

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    Default word automation...

    not too well documented for VBS... well documented for VB (if you can make your own components.<BR><BR>read<BR><BR>for my comments on this

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