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    Is there a VBScript constant that returns the currency character defined in the regional settings of the server OS?<BR><BR>~ Thanks in advance!

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    If you use the FormatCurrency function, it supplies the appropriate currency symbol for you.<BR><BR>*BUT* ...<BR><BR>But it doesn&#039;t depend on the "regional settings", necessarily.<BR><BR>It is possible that the Web server is set up to use something different. <BR><BR>To be sure, you need to use Session.LCID to select the appropriate Locale, as your code needs it.<BR><BR>Finally, don&#039;t forget that currency *character* is a misnomer. *MANY* currencies use 2 or more characters, not just a single one. E.g., Spain uses (if I recall correctly) "pt" or "pta" (for "Peseta"). And Germany certainly uses DM (DeutscheMark). And whether the character(s) go on the front or rear of the number also varies.<BR><BR>So it really is safer to use FormatCurrency, anyway.<BR><BR>

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