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    Hi, I read an old post and noticed someone else had a "DNS lookup error" in IE back on May 12.<BR><BR>When I type "http://computername" in the address bar, I get the DNS lookup error. After reading responses from the old past, I tried typing "" in the address bar and my files came up fine. Since the IP worked and my computer name didn&#039;t, what does that mean? What do I need to do to get the computer name to work properly? <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Angel

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    There is a number of possibilities.<BR><BR>What is the name of your machine?<BR>What is your DNS suffix?<BR>It is possible that there is an actual record like that in your DNS server. If your machine&#039;s name is something very simple and popoluar the possibility of this increases dramatically.<BR>Try running CMD and "pingin" your machine&#039;s name, see if your IP comes up. If it doesn&#039;t then it is obvious that the DNS record is pointing to some other machine with your name.<BR>In this case you will have to take it up with your ISP or the person in charge of the DNS server.<BR>It is also possible that the only way to fix this is by changing your machine&#039;s name.<BR><BR>Also, have you done anything to the Host Header setting of your Default Web Site?<BR>

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