I&#039;ve just taken over responsibility of a pre-configured Win2K Server for my company, and set-up all our Websites on IIS 5.0 which have been transferred from another dying server (Running WinXP Prof with IIS 5.1). All regular serving seems okay, but when the ASP encounters a GetObject on a Windows Script Component I get an &#039;Unspecified Error&#039;. I&#039;ve tried but can&#039;t seem to find what is wrong... <BR><BR>error &#039;80004005&#039;<BR>Unspecified error<BR><BR>It seems that it is only certain WSCs, indeed very basic ones seem fine and the server is okay. The only difference seems to be that the ones that don&#039;t work have the package node in them. Anybody got any ideas?<BR><BR>Al<BR>