Confused about code reusability in ASP.NET

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Thread: Confused about code reusability in ASP.NET

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    On my current ASP based site, I keep a LOT of coding in "include files". For example, I have one include file that has my email component code and functions, and another for database access, and yet another with security based functions, etc. Then, whenever I need another page to use these functions, I just use an &#060;!--#include--&#062; statement in the ASP page. <BR><BR>Now, ASP.NET introduces "code behind" pages, and "pagelets". <BR>* Should I be using these instead of include pages now?<BR>* Can I include multiple code behind pages on one page?<BR>* Can I still use includes?<BR>* Is it really worth turning any of this into web services?<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to make things as easy and as flexible as possible. Any comments and ideas would be appreciated!<BR><BR>-Todd Davis<BR>

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    Most of what you used includes for, can, and should be done with user controls in .Net. (*.ascx files).<BR><BR>Some of the things that you used includes for can be done in code behind, some in the web.config file (like DB connection strings) or using other .Net methods (I had at least two more in mind).<BR><BR>Yu *can* still use include files, but there is little, if any reason too...There are better ways now.

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